OUR MISSION is to offer adults in a substance abuse situation (drugs, alcohol and medication), a program of detoxification support and social reintegration”

Toxico-Stop is a private non-profit organization for men and women, of 18 years and over, who have addiction problems.

Since 1999, we've been offering shelter, detoxification support and social reintegration in English and French to help people overcome their addiction difficulties.


To elevate the individual level of physical and psychological health necessary to help the person make positive choices and changes in their life. Moreover, we work to help individuals with difficulties, integrate into society. To assist each person to access adequate resources specializing in helping individuals to overcome their addiction difficulties. To increase awareness of various problems resulting from use of addictive substances.


Toxico-Stop’s philosophy recognizes that treatment must be tailored to the individual and their specific needs. As well, it is necessary that treatment meets established standards for providing services. Consequently, the addiction treatment philosophy at Toxico-Stop uses Motivational Enhancement Therapy as its principle modality, but also utilizes other models based on individualized needs.

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