At Toxico-Stop, we are fortunate to have some of the most qualified, most compassionate, most considerate and devoted advisors, specializing in several fields of intervention such as psychology, social work, special care and other. They help and guide every individual on his or her way towards recovery, making sure everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

From a clinical perspective, management records and oversees every aspect of our treatment programs and makes sure employees are aware of and meet the highest intervention standards. Several internal and external preventive trainings are also offered to Toxico-Stop’s staff.

Volunteers also play a big role in our organization. They provide assistance, care and support, thus bringing comfort to every individual.

Main Team:

Joe Marsillo, Director General
M. Marsillo is one of Toxico-Stop’s founders. He has dedicated much of his adult life to people with addiction issues. In the pasts 20 years, he played a key role in Toxico-Stop’s growth and success. Through the certification process and his constant work with several government agencies, and while always trying to make our organization better, he managed to establish a professional, healthy and safe environment for all people looking for help.